Of course, all research agencies put “thinking” into their work.  We just think differently.  While many are familiar with the principles of quantitative analytics, the idea of applying analytics to qualitative data may be a bit new.  We just happen to do both.  And this experience in both camps allows us to identify the Right Analytics to leverage based on the learning objectives.  For quant we segment, cluster, size and profile to understand magnitude.  For qual we use multiple coding structures grounded in social sciences to unearth deep-seated insights that others may overlook.  It’s getting deep in here.  And we think that’s a good thing.

Our quantitative analytics can be as lightning fast or as strategically deep as you need them to be. Our goal is to do what’s right for the job at hand. And while we’re well-known for being speedy and at an exceptional price, that’s just the tip of what we can do.


Clients are always a little surprised to hear us talk about qualitative analytics. For us, its not an oxymoron; its a better approach to understanding the richer data we generate.

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