We didn’t get to be this good over night. U30 opened for business in 1995, when some ad execs who had sat through too many focus groups got a little cranky. They decided there had to be a better way of doing research.

We didn’t know much about research other than focus groups, but we knew show-stopping insights would change the game. We just had to get them. So with a whatever-it-takes attitude that still pervades U30 today and an initial focus on the under 30 crowd, we went on a mission to recruit star consumers and conduct research to uncover meaningful and actionable insights like clients had never seen.

Our clients trusted us enough to get creative with our research. And over the years we’ve refined our techniques, applied complex analytic frameworks against data, moved beyond the under 30 target, and created this wonderfully vibrant, exciting place called U30. And we’ve helped a lot of great clients get really smart about their consumers along the way.